GSH Associates Company Capabilities

GSH Associates Capabilities


GSH Associates, Inc., combines technical and project management expertise to ensure predictable, on-time product delivery.  Working with its experienced partners, GSH can provide the following services:


·         Project Management (5+ person interdisciplinary teams as well as tightly integrated small development teams. Project timeline planning, milestone development, staffing estimates, mid-course reviews and project post-mortem analysis.

·         Design & Product Specification for multiple audiences.

·         Software Development:

o        Database Modeling (Logical & Physical Design).

o        Database Administration.

o        C, C++, Java (Java Beans), Power Builder, Perl, Shell (Bourne, C, Korn), Pascal.

o        Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows.

o        Sybase 12.5, Adaptive Server Anywhere 8.0, Microsoft SQL Server, & Oracle 9i, MySQL.

o        TCP/IP Application Development & Management


·         Web Application Development

o        Architectural Specification.

o        Front-end design in conjunction with experienced web designers.

o        Back-End Infrastructure Development, including MySQL.

o        HTML (Graphics), JSP, TomCat, XML.

·         Software Development Environment Setup

o        Source Control, Infrastructure for coordinated development from multiple locations.

·         Usability Testing

o        Setup, testing, integration of results into products.

·         Web Presence

o        Partnership with web design consultant who has been in the industry for over 15 years.

·         Data Entry

o        Experienced data migration from legacy system to new system.  In the absence of a legacy system, GSH Associates, Inc.  provides hands on data entry services or will train client’s personnel into performing this task.





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